The Road to Textiles

Hello! Thank you for supporting By The Yard Textiles (BTYT)! Our mission is to find and create beautiful fabrics to help inspire your creative mind. We hope to grow into a bigger brand so we can also give back to the community. BTYT was blessed and without family and friends, our shop would not exist.

How did it start? Well, after a painful miscarriage, I (Yuri) was devastated, but soon enough was blessed with my baby. After 6 months of recovering from my C-section, I injured my back. In the midst of recovering and trying to learn how to be a mom for the first time, my domain got hijacked. I went into deep depression and I was no longer able to sew for a living. My back would give out each time I took on a project. Al got laid off. We were broke, scared and tired, but still had hope. Things didn't seem too bad until I was hospitalized. That was when I knew I had to do something different.

As I was thinking about what I could do other than apparel design, I finally realize, "that something" was in front of me all along! As a designer I worked with fabrics everyday and of course designed my own; (I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner!) so I decided to risk it all and opened a shop with the help from family and friends.

Although I can no longer own an alterations & couture shop, that doesn't mean my journey in designing needs to stop! I am so excited to start this new path with all my supporters (including all of my customers). I hope we grow together and may you all be abundantly happy. Thank you again for supporting me and having faith that I will bring you the best textiles at superior quality.

Feel free to ask for custom design orders!

Much love & God bless,
-The Textile Family